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At United Document Destruction we consistently strive to improve on our achievements. Our success is the result of understanding our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. We service businesses located in Philadelphia, Reading, Allentown, and Lancaster with the following services:

Shred documents with secure

Make your customers feel safe and secure by disposing of your sensitive documents securely.
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Trust your documents with
secure storage

Store important records in a highly secure warehouse
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Hard-Drive Destruction for
secure deletion

Protect your self from data thieves with the only final deletion.
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Convert records
with intelligent scanning

Reduce cost and stress with a digital document transition.
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Eco-friendly disposal of
useless computers

Fulfill your environmental duty with proper computer recycling.
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Pennsylvania's document
destruction and storage experts

United Document Destruction has been serving Pennsylvania for 17 years as it's premier document management partner. Our commitment to customer service and the protection of our customers sensitive data is unsurpassed.



The proper and secure destruction of a law firms private client data is crucial to their ongoing client relationships. Securely disposing of client data can safeguard from fraud, identity theft, and other public embarrassment. Now servicing Allentown Pennsylvania!

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Legislation such as FACTA and HIPPA have made it illegal to avoid secure disposal of medical records. Protecting your patients from lawsuits and other public embarrassment must be top of mind for doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, clinics, and insurers. Learn More


The transportation and logistics industry produce a high-volume of paperwork that contains sensitive bank account data and other personal data. Protecting clients from these account numbers getting into the wrong hands is crucial to maintaining healthy business relationships. Currently assisting Allentown PA!

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Educational institutions such as public schools, colleges, universities, and technical institutions utilize our document management solutions for securing their students and facility under the FACTA and GLB laws that are strictly unforced. Located in Allentown PA? We can hlep!

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Technology companies such as IT, software development, advertising agencies, and life-science research store sensitive and private data using digital media that must be properly disposed of once transferred to a cloud computing solution.

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Finding a partner that truly understands the importance of protecting financial data is crucial to banks, accountants, financial advisors, mortgage companies, and other finance related fields. These sectors output a high-volume of paper-work and digital data that must me properly disposed.

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The amount of paper-work that is produced when someone purchases a home is staggering. Most of these documents contain private consumer data that could be used against them during a time of their lives that should be a momentous occasion.

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Everyday government agencies obtain massive amounts of forms produced by citizens. These forms contain social security numbers, bank account information, drivers license numbers, and other sensitive data. The secure shredding of these forms are crucial to citizen rights.

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Pharmaceutical companies often generate lots of forms and patient records due to clinical trials. These documents contain sensitive information that could put patients at risk if not handled with care.

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Insurance companies generate a tremendous amount of documentation and records relating to automobiles, homes, health/life and more. Insurance companies must safeguard their customers from these documents falling into the wrong hands.

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